Get real about where you are at. If you think you have to be forever with someone but you are not happy, you might be feeding into something that doesn’t work for you.  Be honest. This week on The Sex Talk, why our society’s notion of long term forever and ever relationship ideal, may be an antiquated thing of the past. 

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My musical project Ghosha writes, sings, plays and supports the freedom of choice when it comes to sexuality, gender issues. Here is a video we did addressing some of the gender-binary notions coupled with traditional relationship issues, like secrets, women and men’s roles, feminism, transgender, cross dressing, etc.. 

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(A very special thanks to Ruby Rose for her inspiring Trans video. #Breakfree)

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Welcome back to The Sex Talk, a weekly webisode we do on sex education. In this episode we talk to Kelly Shibari, plus size Asian adult star, and BBW (Big Beautiful Woman), who was the first plus size model and adult star on the cover of Penthouse Forum. In this episode she talks about body image, and being a fleshlight girl.

Filmed at the Liberace Penthouse in West Hollywood, California, The Sex Talk brings you weekly videos to help create change in our ideas about sexuality, gender roles, body image, and more. Please subscribe at The Sex Talk.

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Jenoa and I are BACK with our webisodes! This week we discuss girl-on-girl sex, lesbian sex and use it as a platform to educate about what women like, and to encourage and remind viewers that there is more to sex than penetration, there is more to sex than vaginal-penile penetration and orgasm and to look at all the other stuff in between, such as oral sex, anal sex, finger fucking, tribadism, dry humping and so on. Sex is all the things you do to arouse and get one another off. As always we encourage getting creative.

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